Unveiling the Vivo y72 5g

The new addition in the company of phones is the sleek and stylish Vivo YLC 5g. It has all the features of a leading smart phone in a medium sized body. It is lightweight, water resistant, and comes with multi-functionalities. It can perform all the common functions of a smart phone vivo y72 5g with the added advantage of it being a mini personal computer.

The camera of the vivo y 72 5g is built in the same manner as the iPhone and hence is capable of video recording. There is an external USB port and headphone jack, which make it very convenient to use. You can also download high resolution and clear picture from internet.

The camera of the vivo y72 5g has 16 mega pixel camera which is quite good and can take good pictures. It has an internal O-dy lens which ensures that there are no blurring effects and distortion present when you take the photos. The camera has soft touch screen, wide screen and high resolution LED flash which ensure better picture quality.

With the price of smartphones going high, the demand for mid-range smartphone is increasing. This is why Vivo has launched the video y 1972 5g which has all the features that a regular mid-budget smartphone can have but at an affordable price. It also has a nice design which makes it appealing to a lot of users.

In the design section, the phone has a nice curved shape that looks great and fits the body perfectly. Apart from this, the phone has a full QWERTY keyboard with a nice screen printing which looks nice and sharp. The camera is placed in the back and it has a housing which prevents the camera from being damaged. The other interesting feature of the phone is the micro SD card which stores plenty of data. The micro SD card can be used to store music or videos which can be stored on the phone for a long time.

The battery of the phone has a long life and provides you with about five to six hours of talk time. Apart from this, the connectivity options of the vivo y 72 5g are great and it supports everything like wifi, Bluetooth, GPRS and HSDPA. The other interesting feature of this handset is the fact that it offers free software with your contract which includes Google Maps, HTC Sense, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more. Overall, this handset has been given a high rating by the users who have purchased it.