Online pharmacy: revolutionizing the concept of pharmacy

The Internet has ushered in an era of competition in which the consumer is king and there is an eternal struggle for a fair share of the market among commercial establishments. Pharmacies are also waging a commercial battle in cyberspace. The trend of online pharmacies is catching up to vary rapidly between patients.
The reasons behind the revolutionary success of the online pharmacy trade could be summed up in the following words:

o The convenience with which online pharmacies offer drugs to patients at their doors is the main USP of virtual pharmacies.
o Online pharmacies even offer online prescription for drugs that must legally be taken only after prescription from a qualified doctor. o Online drugs offered by online pharmacies are generally much cheaper.
o Online pharmacy means cheap pharmacy that only requires a PC and internet connection.
Low investment cost means cheap drugs for consumers.
o With practically no cost to set up the infrastructure, online pharmacies spend huge sums of money buying cheaper drugs in bulk. This benefit is ultimately passed on to the consumer. o Online pharmacies swarm through cyberspace and there is intense competition in the virtual world. Obviously, competition means more competitive prices and better quality of medicines.
But strong criticism also prevails against the trend of online pharmacies. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recognize online pharmacies.
Therefore, it is illegal to sell prescription drugs online in the US. The various online pharmacies applying for business in the US do so at their own risk. The basic premise behind this opposition comes from the fact that many of these virtual pharmacies sell counterfeit and counterfeit drugs on behalf of discount pharmacies.
Additionally, the FDA does not recognize the practice of online prescribing and favors physical verification of patients by a qualified physician, which is always suspect in the case of online pharmacies.